(Unofficial) Anthem Song for Rajkot City

(Unofficial) Anthem Song for Rajkot City

(Unofficial) Anthem Song for Rajkot City (produced in co-operation with RMC)
Singer: Asif Jeriya and Urvashi Pandya
Lyrics and Music by: Shailesh and Utpal

Unofficial Anthem Song for Amreli

Unofficial Anthem Song for Morbi/Morvi

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Visit to Rajkot – Rajkot, its Economy and Popular Attractions

Nice video for those who would like to know facts and figures of Rajkot and its Economy.

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About Rajkot
Rajkot (Gujarati: રાજકેાટ, Hindi: राजकोट, English: Rājkot) is the 4th largest city in the state of Gujarat, India. Rajkot is the 28th urban agglomeration in India, with a population more than 1.43 million as on 2008. Rajkot is ranked 22nd in The world’s fastest growing cities and urban areas from 2006 to 2020. Reference: www.citymayors.com

Rajkot is a city of Gujarat state in India and administrative headquarters of the Rajkot District, located on the banks of the Aji River. Rajkot is famous for its jewellery market. Mahatma Gandhi did his schooling from Alfred High School now known as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi High School. More

Rajkot is situated around 120 miles away in North of Ahmedabad. There are regular buses/luxury coaches available from Ahmedabad and other parts of Gujarat for going to Rajkot. There are State transport buses available from all the cities of Gujarat for Rajkot. Rajkot is also well connected by train from Mumbai, Surat and other parts of Gujarat. Rajkot has daily regular flights from Mumbai. However, the most convenient way to reach Rajkot is by road or by train from any where in Gujarat.

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Popular attractions:

Kaba Gandhi no Delo:
Gandhiji’s ancestral home which now houses the Gandhi Smriti, a permanent exhibition. Kaba Gandhi No Delo is the place where Mahatma Gandhi (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi) lived during his stay in Rajkot. Mahatma Gandhi’s father, Karamchand Gandhi was known as Kaba Gandhi. The words Kaba Gandhi No Delo means Kaba Gandhi’s residence

Watson Museum And Library :
Located in the pleasant Jubilee Garden, the museum is a good introduction to Saurashtra’s cultural heritage.

Lal Pari Lake And Randerda :
A picturesque picnic spot, 5 kms, from Rajkot.

Aji Dam :
It is situated 8 kms, from Rajkot and supplies the town’s water.

The Rajkumar College :
As early as in 1870, the state had become known for its Rajkumar college, built for the education of the princes of the Indian state.

Rashtriya Shala :
It was founded by Mahatma Gandhi which has a center of patola weaving.

Jagat Mandir :
It is beautiful carved temple of Shri Ramkrishna Paramhansa. It is made of red stones.

Wankaner :
About 50 kms from Rajkot on the way to Kutch; is the palace of Wankaner, now converted into a Heritage Hotel.

Events and Festivals
There are several events and festivals that are celebrated with much pomp and show in Rajkot.

International Kite Festival:
Besides Ahmedabad, Rajkot, too celebrates the International Kite Festival. This festival is held every year in the month of January and kite-flying enthusiasts from all over the country participate in it.

Navratri Festival:
The Navratri Festival is celebrated throughout Gujarat with great fervour. It precedes the Dussehra festival for nine nights. During the festival, people participate in the Dandiya dance.

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