Gunmen have attacked the Sri Lankan cricket team at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan

Sri Lankan Cricket Team Logo

* Bomb Attack on Srilankan Cricket Players in Pakistan

* (BBC) Pakistan attack on cricket convoy

* 6 Player were injured, 2 are serious. According Sri Lankan Cricket manager

* Watch live TV here: IBN

* More news at ABC news
* According to Geo TV reports, quoted on the cricketnext website, four policemen who were part of the security ring for the Sri Lankan players have been killed.

* Gunmen are at loose. They were very young guys aprox 20-25 yr age according to one witness bus driver. Came in Riksho
* Cross fire occurred between Police and gunman for 25 minutes

* Pakistan: 8 Sri Lankan cricket players wounded (Via here and here)

* Six Sri Lankan Cricket team members are injured

* At least two players in the Sri Lankan national cricket team were hurt in a shooting while being driven to the Lahore cricket stadium.

* IBN TV say gunmen have attacked the Sri Lankan #cricket team at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, #Pakistan. via @BreakingNewsOn

* Several Sri Lankan cricket players were shot and wounded Tuesday when their bus came under fire in Lahore, Pakistan.

* 4 policemen died

* Aprox 4 gunman came in white van, took position and fired on ShriLankan cricket team bus


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H1B visa fraud leads to 11 arrests, sparks Nationwide Investigation

H1B visa fraud leads to 11 arrests, starting from New Jersey based company ,Vision Systems Group, an IT services firm based in South Plainfield, N.J., was indicted on 10 federal counts. CEO of Vision Systems Group is Viswa Mandalapu. All arrested are accused of fraudulently representing themselves or other workers in immigration documents. Name of CEO and other officials names are sounding like an Indian origin persons.

U.S. Attorney’s office, Matthew G. Whitaker, in Iowa said. “We are only at the tip of iceberg as to where this [investigation] leads,”

Many reader of article plublshed on Feb 14 in Business week says that many of Indian origin company simply run as a body shopper, who brings cheap labor from home country, get a labor sertificate from state like Iowa due to low wage requirement. And then place them all over US. There is absolutely no shortage of IT professionals, in fact there is a huge huge surplus, of qualified IT workers in US. Many of these big Corporations hire contract workers (almost always H1Bs) from consulting companies lik comsys, accenture, wipro etc to beat the system.

Due this problem, now a days, many companies are posting their ads with clear sentenance on top: “No H1Bs”, like one below:

Top 1000 H1B Visa Sponsors in United States
Details on Vision Systems Inc, NJ
Original Article in Busness week website
Stimulus bill contains H1B restrictions
Vision Systems Inc, NJ management team

Four admit guilt in immigration scam run by Edison businessman

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Operation Smile Medical Missions to Take Place in Rajkot and Guwahati, India from January 17-February 6, 2009

An Operation Smile team of more than 20 medical and non-medical volunteers are volunteering their time in Rajkot, India, to provide free medical evaluations and surgery to children born with facial deformities. See more here

This will be Operation Smile’s first international medical mission to Rajkot, and Operation Smile’s first international medical mission of the New Year-2009.

Contact info for Operation Smile: here

Via [operation smile website]

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MUMBAI TERROR BLAST: Hotels, hospital, bus stands, cinema halls attacked

Tims of India reported that terror struck Mumbai on Wednesday night as coordinate serial explosions and indiscriminate firing rocked eight areas across Mumbai including the crowded CST railway station, two five star hotels–Oberoi and Taj. Times of India reported 80 dead and over 250 injured. However, is reporting 15 dead.

*** See NDTV live Here for latest news***
As per,

# Colaba: BP Petrol Pump blown up
# 10 killed in Colaba attack
# Taxi blown up in Vile Parle
# Gun battle outside Metro cinema hall
# Hotel Oberoi, Hotel Taj under siege
# RAF considering commando action, may storm hotels
# Mumbai police say air surveillance ready
# Local trains suspended
# Attack near Cama Hospital

See first images of Mumbai Terror Blast: Here and Images on Mumbai Blast

Twitter Live Report on Mumbai Blast: Read here

See Live CNN-IBN TV from India:
Huge amount of smoke and fire from Taj hotel…

Live bbc re-stream on mumbai attacks:

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mumbai, india attacks, bombay attacks

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NDTV Live from India

Broadcast television network
Country India
Availability National
Founded by Prannoy Roy
Key people Radhika Roy, Narayan Rao

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Singh is King… Congratulations to Mr. Prime Minister!

Singh is Kinng/King. Congratulations to Mr. Prime Minister!

Singh is king

Shame on all oppossing party who stopped the country without any reason.

Singh is King

Meanwhile enjoy this song from movie: Singh is King…

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Geo News TV

Geo TV brings the breaking and latest news of Pakistan, world, business, technology, sports, entertainment, education, cricket, politics, and more including special reports, pictures, video and audio streaming

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Mumbai and Bangalore’s Traffic Now under Bosch Surveillance

With over 1000 vehicles being registered every day in Bangalore, it was becoming increasingly difficult for the traffic police to manage the movement of traffic. The roads were particularly congested during peak hours. To tackle this problem, ST India offered a customized solution to the Bangalore city traffic police. This April, 40 Bosch CCTV PTZ cameras were deployed in strategic locations around the city to monitor and control the congestion. The Bangalore traffic police can now closely view real-time images from over 40 junctions and take the necessary action to disperse any congestion. The signal timings can be controlled from the Traffic Management Center and changed depending upon the traffic movement. The police can also assess the general behavior of drivers and see if the constable manning the junctions is coping with it adequately.

Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, also uses Bosch’s traffic surveillance solution.

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Star one TV

Star one TV:
STAR ONE unleashes the next generation of Hindi entertainment with an innovative, diverse mix of programming and cutting edge production values that appeal to urban, upwardly mobile Indian audiences. STAR ONE boasts an array of original programmes across a range of entertainment genres – comedy, drama, action / thriller, youth, lifestyle and game shows, as well as original made for television movies.

STAR ONE is available in the following markets: India /Middle East /The U.K. / The U.S. / Hong Kong

Go here (Star one) or here (Star Plus) if you dont see live streaming below

Star One TV schedules

via [here]

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Raj TV (TV Channel – South Indian)

Raj TV (South Indian Channel)

Raj Network is one of the major Tamil language satellite television networks based in India. The Raj Television Network was started in 1994 and is very important player in the South Indian cable TV market.

The network runs four channels are:

Raj TV
Raj Digital Plus
Raj News
Vissa TV

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