Mumbai and Bangalore’s Traffic Now under Bosch Surveillance

With over 1000 vehicles being registered every day in Bangalore, it was becoming increasingly difficult for the traffic police to manage the movement of traffic. The roads were particularly congested during peak hours. To tackle this problem, ST India offered a customized solution to the Bangalore city traffic police. This April, 40 Bosch CCTV PTZ cameras were deployed in strategic locations around the city to monitor and control the congestion. The Bangalore traffic police can now closely view real-time images from over 40 junctions and take the necessary action to disperse any congestion. The signal timings can be controlled from the Traffic Management Center and changed depending upon the traffic movement. The police can also assess the general behavior of drivers and see if the constable manning the junctions is coping with it adequately.

Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, also uses Bosch’s traffic surveillance solution.

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