H1B visa fraud leads to 11 arrests, sparks Nationwide Investigation

H1B visa fraud leads to 11 arrests, starting from New Jersey based company ,Vision Systems Group, an IT services firm based in South Plainfield, N.J., was indicted on 10 federal counts. CEO of Vision Systems Group is Viswa Mandalapu. All arrested are accused of fraudulently representing themselves or other workers in immigration documents. Name of CEO and other officials names are sounding like an Indian origin persons.

U.S. Attorney’s office, Matthew G. Whitaker, in Iowa said. “We are only at the tip of iceberg as to where this [investigation] leads,”

Many reader of article plublshed on Feb 14 in Business week says that many of Indian origin company simply run as a body shopper, who brings cheap labor from home country, get a labor sertificate from state like Iowa due to low wage requirement. And then place them all over US. There is absolutely no shortage of IT professionals, in fact there is a huge huge surplus, of qualified IT workers in US. Many of these big Corporations hire contract workers (almost always H1Bs) from consulting companies lik comsys, accenture, wipro etc to beat the system.

Due this problem, now a days, many companies are posting their ads with clear sentenance on top: “No H1Bs”, like one below:

Top 1000 H1B Visa Sponsors in United States
Details on Vision Systems Inc, NJ
Original Article in Busness week website
Stimulus bill contains H1B restrictions
Vision Systems Inc, NJ management team

Four admit guilt in immigration scam run by Edison businessman

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