Important sensitive questions and valid aggression on Ahmedabad Blast from Akila readers

Important sensitive questions and valid aggression on Ahmedabad Blast from Akila readers

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Valid Aggression on Ahmedabad blast

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Zee TV Gujarati

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Serial bomb blast at Ahmedabad. Hope this ends here, no more blast and pain.

Today, just one day after Banglore bomb blast, Six bomb blast rock Ahmedabad. As per IBN report, its mainly in public transport system like AMTS bus and railway station. In sadistic manner terrorist did blast near/in hospital as well to disrupt rescue efforts. The blasts happened in Maninagar, Isanpur, Narol circle, Bapunagar, Hatkeshwar and Sarnagpur Bridge. It’s been quite a while in Gujarat, especially after Godhara Episode. Who are those anti-peace group and radical people? Why they like anti-progress, anti-peace and chaotic environment? Lets hope that those who are injured, will get well soon and things are normal in Ahmedabad and Banglore. May God give peace to the affected families and good thoughts to people doing this.

There is palpable tension in some parts of the city, specially in and around Muslim community area where they fear of retaliatory attacks against them. Six years ago it was in Ahmedabad that Muslims were killed in violence which was seen as retaliation for the killings of about 60 Hindu pilgrims in Godhra, Gujarat.

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See when all blast unfolds:
Ahmedabad blast sequence

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Act against Child Labour: very touching way to convey the powerful message and the harsh reality

This is an installation that was set up in public spaces around Mumbai to make people aware that their contributions, however small, can help end child labour. Very nice idea to pass the message across the heart.

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Singh is King… Congratulations to Mr. Prime Minister!

Singh is Kinng/King. Congratulations to Mr. Prime Minister!

Singh is king

Shame on all oppossing party who stopped the country without any reason.

Singh is King

Meanwhile enjoy this song from movie: Singh is King…

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Geo News TV

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Navaratri Gujrati Garba Falguni pathak in NewJersey

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