Gujaratis Invasion of Great Britain 1960 – 90

Clips of Gujarati History of Immigration to the U.K. (Great Britain primarily London England), during the 1960’s. First Large Wave of Indian Immigration.

– South Asians comprise of one quarter of the Greater London population. (Reference: missing)
– South Asians primarily Gujarati’s control 33% of the business in Greater London. (Reference: missing)
– South Asians primarily Indians control a large proportional section of the health care industry. (Reference: missing)

The first great wave of Indians to Immigrate in the Indian Invasion were primarily Gujarati’s were in the 1960’s. They came primarily as citizens of the commonwealth, working in blue collar jobs or for higher education.

Early 1970’s saw the next great wave of Indians primarily Gujarati’s from East Africa, mainly from the Ugandan migration, when obsessive disturbed ruler expelled Indians.

The 3rd largest wave came in the late 70’s early 80’s as professionals and students.

See 60’s and 70’s picture of Gujaratis in London and United Kingdom. However, editor of this video choose James bond music in background as if Gujaratis are intruding in UK. (or may be courageously entering to UK. )

Watch youtube video HERE

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Om Shanthi Om – Jag Soona Soona – Hindi Divx Video

Song: Jag Soona Soona
Artists: Shah Rukh Khan, Arjun Rampal, Deepika Padukone
Director: Farah Khan
Music Director: Vishal-Shekhar

Om Shanthi Om – Jag Soona Soona – Hindi Divx Video

Om Shanthi Om – Dhoom Tana – Hindi Video songs

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Colours of Kutch, Pictures by Flickr user: Milapsinh

The colourful pictures from Kutch (Kachchh.) Kachchh (also spelled as Kutch) is a district of Gujarat state in western India. Covering an area of 45,612 km², it is the largest district in the state of Gujarat and the second largest district of India after Leh.

See more about Kutch here

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Flickr Beautiful Pictures by Flickr user: Milapsinh

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Rajkot machine tools industry growing at 20%

Riding on a high export demand, Rajkot’s machine tools industry is eyeing a turnover of Rs 1,200 crore by 2010.

The industry with a turnover of Rs 700 crore is growing at a steady 20 per cent y-o-y and is poised to achieve the Rs 1200-crore mark by the year 2010.

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Via [

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Tratment via Video conference, first time in India at Rajkot

Wockhardt Hospitals has launched complex cardiac surgery initiative in Gujarat. Patients in Rajkot and Surat are being offered first class medical technology by the experts of the Hospital.

This was disclosed by a panel of senior doctors at a video conference connecting Ahmedabad, Baroda, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar, Rajkot and Surat. Dr. Vivek Jawali said that the hospital was first to conduct awake heart surgery in India and they treated two patients in Rajkot.

Video Conference
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Beautiful Gujarati Folk Song

Gujarati folk song created to promote literacy and language learning in Gujarat, India. Beautiful voice of the singer.

Enjoy the song.

Gujarati Folk Song 1:

Gujarati Folk Song 2:

Gujarati Folk Song 3:

Gujarati Folk Song 4:

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Gujarati Natak Prem thi mango badhu aapish part – 1

Some what nice/ok Gujarati play. During initial few minutes, some portion of video is corrupted… just fyi…

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Kanti Tofane Chadyo Part 2

Kanti Tofane Chadyo Part 2
Tiku Talsania, Reshma Desai, Falguni Dave, Rajesh Mandloi, Sanjay Hiralehar

Enjoy the show – Part 2:

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Kanti Tofane Chadyo Part 1 – Gujarati Natak

Tiku Talsania, Reshma Desai, Falguni Dave, Rajesh Mandloi, Sanjay Hiralehar

Here comes one more comedy … all » that has thespian Tiku Talsania dip into his bag of time-tested histrionics. The last one that he did in the same genre was NE BACCHU BACHI GAYO. The plot is simple. It draws on the relationship between a father and his son.

Enjoy the show.

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