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2 comments so far

  1. swaroop kv February 28, 2008 5:30 am

    Respected sir,
    BIRLA POWER SOLUTIONS LTD, Lal Tapper, PO. Resham Majri, Dehradun- 248140 (UA)
    Tel: 0135-2499472 fax: 0135-2499227.
    Present name of the CEO. Mr. Kalyan Bhattacharya.
    This company is perhaps the most Mis-Managed Companies in Uttarakhand.
    1. PF is deducted from the worker’s Salary but both employee and the employer’s
    contributions are NOT paid to the Govt.,
    2. Worker’s Salaries are paid at the end of the succeeding month only after all the Top management
    get their salaries+ allowances etc., which is amounting to 70% of the 140 Workers wages.
    3. Many lady apprentices are being paid less than minimum salary.No appointment letters are given to them for several years.
    4. Three Sr. Managers, who are still working, have swallowed several crores of Rupees by way of cheating
    during construction of a new factories (2 nos.). The Bonus and the agreed wrist watches to the workers have
    not been given since the company showed that they have no working capital with them.
    Any worker will give these facts on Inquiry.
    Pl help the employees of this company before the company closes showing Losses. Thus hundreds of employees lose their jobs and thousands of their family members will lose their food, shelter and clothing. Hundreds of ancillary units also will lose business.
    As you are aware, that Birla Yamaha Ltd was pioneers in manufacturing Portable Generators during the Nineties.

    5. Now they have started Manufacturing/assembling Higher KVA Diesel Gensets without Valid License to Manufacture them. Only few Varieties can be produced by this company. Whereas, they are manufacturing Much higher capacity Gen sets without proper R&D.
    This department R&D is a names sake and no proper testing is done here. there is also a Quality (eye wash) department to cheat the buyers of these Gensets.
    Crores worth of Machineries are lying rusted for want of proper service dept.,
    Sir we Can write pages about the mis-management and the ultimate sufferers are the working class who go to voting booths to exercise their Right to Vote.
    Pl help them earn their lively hood by Inquiring into the affairs of this company and save their families from starvation in the near future.
    SWAROOP K Venkateswar
    PS. Each time the Chairman Shri. Yash Birla Visits this Company, all false information is given to him by the Sr. Managers. They don’t even allow few workers to meet him.

  2. swaroop kv February 28, 2008 5:45 am

    Editor sir,
    I have tried even sending emails to of the present Uttarakhand Govt.
    No one has taken up the matter for the families of these poor workers and the ancillary Industries.
    Thus i am writing this letter to your Channel which gives Importance to even one Individual who is suffering in the hands of some unruly public personalities.
    There is NO involvement of Shri. Yash Birla, in this mis-management who has not being appraised by these Sr. Management.The CEO Mr. Kalyan Bhattacharya Mob: No: 09967577338 is NOT sincere to keep this company as a going concern. Even the Public has invested a Hundred Crores till now.This company is quoted in BSE. “BIRLA POWER”

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