Gujarat adopts Gandhigiri to reform traffic violators

Traffic cops in Gujarat took to novel policing by handing out roses to the violators in a bid to stir their conscience.
The move is inspired by a Bollywood movie, which many say has revived memories of the apostle of peace, Mahatma Gandhi.

“We decided that we will not fine them and rather gave them roses to teach them and guide them. Some of them were not wearing the helmets, or using seat belts,” said Balwant Jadeja, head of Rajkot traffic police.

In the Bollywood movie Lage Raho Munnabhai, an underworld don (Sanjay Dutt) after his meeting with Mahatma Gandhis spirit starts emulating his pacifist ideals. After learning Gandhiji’s teachings on non-violence, the gangster sends flowers to a corrupt real estate dealer, to cure him of the “disease”.

“When I was caught without helmet, police gave me a rose and told that what I are doing is wrong,” said Meghal, a traffic violator.
The practice shown in the film Munnabhai is called “Gandhigiri” or the use of moral force to assert a viewpoint as opposed to “dadagiri” or use of brutal force.

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