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Here in the race course ground it was a sheer show of strength of rebels of BJP. Estimates of the crowd ranges from 1.5 lakh to three lakh. Speaker after speaker blasted Narendra Modi government for issues ranging from the plight of farmers to the growing unemployment.

Patel leaders under the banner of Sardar Patel Utkarsh Sewa passed a resolution to oust Chief Minister Narendra Modi in elections this year. The rally was headed by Vasant Gajera, brother of the rebel MLA Dhiru Gajera.

Prominent among the speakers were two rebel MPs Dr. Vallabh Kathiria representing Rajkot and Soma Ganda from Surendranagar constituency. The two challenged the BJP leadership to take action against them for attending the meeting and raising voice of their conscience.

Bavku Ugadh, Balu Tanti and Gordhan Zhadafia and several others spoke against Modi and his government. They said that they would see that Modi and his coterie was defeated in the Assembly elections.

Interestingly, state administration tried its best to prevent people from attending the rally.

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